10 Reasons Why Into Play is the best pre-school for your kid?

1. Direct Involvement of Founders

Into Play Founders are directly involved with the day-to-day school activities and they firmly believe in no-franchising policy. Our main focus is on delivering high-quality educational content and contribute to society, rather than viewing it as a profit venture or to multiply the number of branches.

2.Together We Play, Learn and Grow

We strive to be the voices for the little ones, and together we play, explore, learn, dream, create and fly high. Co-curricular activities cultivate interests and bring out competitive spirit among kids. Even the non-participative and moody kids get boosted up when their peers accommodate.

3.Well-Equipped and Colorful Classrooms

All Classrooms are Air-conditioned and fully furnished with colorful, sturdy and child-size furniture and latest teaching aids as per international standards.  The spaces are all well-planned with rounded corners and soft surfaces. The display boards are decorated as per the theme of the month.

4.Stress-Free Environment

Bring the best in the kids, not the stress! Our staff follow a stress-free approach and allow the kids to learn at their own pace and style. We say a strict NO to threats or punishments. Every Child is a winner at Into Play.

5.Spread Positivity

Spreading positivity and motivation can bring out the best in the kids. We ensure the little toddlers are always happy and smiling, and this lets them develop a positive attitude towards school.

6.Brain Training Involving Real-World Activities

Novelty and challenging exercises boost memory. We opt for multiple styles and level of teaching to enhance the memory of the kids. Puppet Show, wordplay, Pretend Play, dramas, stories, assembling a puzzle stimulates brain growth.

7.Outdoor Activities

Memory is not exclusive to the brain, but muscles as well. Regular physical activity can boost cognitive ability. Outdoor activities are part of everyday activities at Into Play.

8.Events & Celebrations

We celebrate Birthdays, Theme Days, Festivals, Occasions and more. Celebrating occasions such as Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day with admiration, and festivals with joy and enthusiasm are great means of learning.

9.Pediatrician and Dentist Visits for Health Checkups

Physical fitness is equally important to mental fitness. Health Checkups with pediatrician and Dentists are conducted regularly. Children are examined for various dental problems and are advised on good oral hygiene. Likewise, children are examined for their growth (Height-Weight) checkups and are advised accordingly.

10.Positive Parenting

Apart from the frequent Parent-teachers meetings, we indulge parents in our enthusiastic and fun workshops to make our little toddlers feel better. We believe a child develops in all aspects when parents and teachers coordinate. We also highly appreciate Parents feedback.